Note: The blue/grey buildings, tanks and train are 3D printed and not included with the base game.

Players: 2-4

Time: 45-75 mins

Publisher: Funko Games

whom, Whom, WHOM, WHOM!!!! Godzilla’s Atomic Breath shoots out of its mouth and


misses completely!

I welcome you to one of the most frustrating and satisfying games I have ever played. Godzilla Tokyo Clash (GTC) is a skirmish game. A battle royale between up to four epic kaiju, the monsters that feature in the long running genre of Japanese films about giant creatures terrorising various Japanese cities.

GTC features Godzilla from his earlier ‘Man-In-Suit’ form, rather than the CGI colossus in the more recent films. There is also King Ghidorah and Mothra, both based on their rubber suited alter egos. The last character is Megalon. An odd cockroach thing that was only featured in one film, but is famous for having Godzilla doing a tail slide kick to its abdomen. Trust me, check it out on YouTube. It’s very odd.

So, what’s the game like? Well, it’s actually a lot of fun. Your kaiju can use ranged attacks, which range (sorry) from G Man’s atomic breath to King Ghidorah vomiting lightning. There are melee attacks for close quarter combat as well as the ability to throw vehicles (cars, battleships, Trains and Tanks) at your opponent or at buildings. This is done to gain energy which is needed to perform a lot of the attacks and to cause damage against the other kaiju. The value of damage done to a kaiju is converted into the number of cards that you take from that player. You then are only allowed to take the card with the highest Trophy value to put into your collection, unless all the cards have a big fat zero trophy value. That’s how Godzilla missed so completely. This is an interesting mechanic of the game, as none of the kaiju have health. They just have progressively less and less useful cards. Add to this that the game only ends when a certain amount of the city is destroyed, which is great, as it means there is no player elimination. It hasn’t even been mentioned that there are events where tanks move around the board and target the kaiju, or jets sore overheard attacking the players.

“But I already have “King of Tokyo” I hear you say. King Of Tokyo (KOT) is a great game with hulking big dice that you throw at each other (not literally, but I suppose you could add that as a house rule) and the game moves very quickly. GTC is a very different beast (again, sorry). For a start, the board is made up of tiles that can be configured into different shapes and the Kaiju move around on them. Also, GTC has NO DICE. Yes, no dice whatsoever. So GTC feels like a much more tactical game with more depth and less luck involved than KOT. Plus, GTC has nicely detailed figures of the 4 Kaiju instead of standees. And I haven’t even mentioned the gorgeous art. Ultimately, KOT and GTC are very different games.

Reasons to get Godzilla Tokyo Clash:

  • No player elimination

  • Gorgeous art,

  • Cool kaiju miniatures and buildings,

  • Tactical depth

  • Each kaiju has its own unique play style.

  • You want a fairly quick and easy to teach skirmish game that doesn’t take itself too seriously

  • OPTIONAL - you can make kaiju sounds while making your move. You will not be judged.