Battlestar Galactica MK1 Viper Model Kit by Mobius Models - Blaster Cannon upgrade

A client was building a 1/32 Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper Fighter (1978 version Viper) Model Kit by Moebius and he wanted to light it, but he also wanted to light the blaster cannons. The Client wanted to put a strand of fiber optic through each of the cannons so that the cannons would look as if they were firing.  He had tried drilling and then cutting a channel in the plastic part, but it never worked. The plastic either melted or warped. The channel method was not proving successful either. So he asked us if it was possible to recreate the blaster cannons but with a hole through them for the fiber optic. 

The client gave us one of the cannons and we measured it up. Then recreated it in CAD and made it up in three parts complete with a hole through length of the cannon for the fiber optic. We printed the modified blaster in our 3D resin printer and handed then to the Client who was very happy.

In the pictures you can see the original cannon in grey and the Blue Castle Studio version in blue grey.

The cannon on the finished Viper lit up. 

The cannon isn't quite straight because the client had a little accident while building the model and broke the cannon, but managed to reattach the cannon.

The client also wanted a custom base with a dynamic stance for his model. So we also worked on creating an aseticlly pleasing base that was not only unique, but complimented and enhanced the dynamic model work. The base is big enough to hold the electronics and has a magnetic base for easy access to the wireing.


"I'm so chuffed with what Blue Castle Studio was able to do. They have enabled me to create a finished model where as far as I can tell, is the only BSG Viper with light up cannons!"

-Gaius Ross, Worthing, England