Mazda RX7fb Hot Air Duct - replaces a deleted 'Thermal Reactor'

One of our clients had a 1980 Mazda RX7fb classic car. Before our client owned the car, it's Thermal Reactor* had been removed due to rusting away. With no thermal reactor, the carburetor had the issue of freezing in cold temperatures when driving in the autumn and winter months in the UK. This was causing the car to stall which was obviously very frustrating for the owner of this beautiful car. So our client asked if we could design a way of directing hot air from the engine to the carburetor.

We were happy to take on the challenge!

*An old way of filtering emissions and stopping the carburetor from freezing.

So the task was to create a custom 'Hot Air Duct'. 

We had to take measurements from the car and find existing screw holes that could be used as mounting points. Another condition was that the Hot Air Duct had to be fitted without taking the engine out of the car.

The Hot Air Duct was completed, fitted and best of all, our client was very happy! 

This graph shows the temperature that the carburetor could freeze at. Our custom Hot Air Duct prevented the carburetor from freezing and therefore prevented stalling.

"The attention to detail the Blue Castle team had, gave me confidence that they would be able to solve my stalling issue. Blue castle made my car reliable with an elegant and simple solution that I'm sure was not as easy as the final product looks."