Cake of Doom Board Game Meeple

Pearl Ho and Amar Chandarana are the creators of the card game "Cake of Doom". 

The Co-Creators had difficulty with sourcing an Alien Meeple that they liked. The Cake of Doom team wanted an Alien Meeple for their game, that was unique and within their budget. This is where Blue Castle Studio was able to step into the breach. 

Pearl and Amar gave us their basic ideas and we were able to design and create the perfect Alien Meeple for their game.

We created some 3D printed resin samples complete with painted eyes. The Cake of Doom team decided on the Alien meeple with the black eyes as their preferred version.

Please note - this is a prototype and not the finished version.

"We ordered 300 custom alien meeples - everything was absolutely amazing! The product is a great quality and our backers love it. Will's communication was fabulous throughout from design to final delivery. It was a joy working together and I would definitely recommend." - Pearl Ho - Co-Creator of 'Cake of Doom'.